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‘Lewis’ Bib

‘Lewis’ Bib

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The bright Lewis bib has a lot of little snowflakes on them along with a few white bright clouds. 

This style of Bandana Bib has a high-quality double layer design. Non-allergic absorbent dibble bibs are made from 100% Organic Cotton.

The top layer will feature a bright and fun pattern to style up your child’s outfit for any occasion. The second layer is created from a super soft, thick and ultra-absorbent 100% polyester fleece. The backing material is soft, comfortable, healthy for them and has rapid absorption.

Easily washable - colours do not fade on the first wash!

Great option for a hypoallergenic and reusable bib suitable from 0-24months and beyond!

The special push button clips design ensures safety of the child not able to unfasten the bib but easily accessible for the parents. The push button clip is also adjustable for 3 different sizes.