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Ink less Print Kit
Ink less Print Kit
Ink less Print Kit
Ink less Print Kit

Ink less Print Kit

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A keepsake that capture the memory of little hand and foot prints with BabyInk Colour Inkless Printing Kits in just 3 easy steps…

Wipe, Press …. No mess!

Not sure if it's a boy or girl?

The Babyink inkless printing kit is available in flat kit.

The breakthrough technology works like magic to create the print. 
Babyink inkless kits are non–toxic and safe for use from birth+

This is great for a fantastic keepsake or the perfect gift! 

Put the prints on a coffee mug, frame them for the nursery or use them for personalised jewellery - There are so many great ideas for use of the prints 

The BabyInk inkless kit includes:

  • 1 x Non-toxic inkless wipe (19.5cm x 15cm)
  • 4 x double sided A5 sized special coated paper
  • each wipe will achieve at least 4 - 8 prints depending on the size of the subject
  • detailed instructions
  • long lasting by using FBI fingerprinting technology from USA
For best results, please follow instructions included carefully.
Ink less Print Kit
Ink less Print Kit